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Published November 5, 2008 in Vodka

Rodnik (Russia)

One of the greatest Russian Vodka, Rodnik stands as “The original recipe for vodka” of the world. Also known as the most expensive Russian Vodka, this Vodka brand is priced in the United States for $500 per bottle, and all of them was imported and sold exclusively. Rodnik produced from Russian winter wheat, water and birchwood filtration according to a 15th century formula, and this Vodka brand was handcrafted, distilled and bottled in Samara, the sixth-largest city in Russia.







Zubrowka (Poland)

Known in English as Bison Grass Vodka, Zubrowka is anther best Polish vodka which has been manufactured in the contemporary Polish – Belarusian border since the 16th century. Zubrowka is distilled from rye and mixed with rectified spirit and a tincture which is made of “Bison grass”, a grass grows in borders between Poland and Belarus. Zubrowka contains a unique flavor which can be described as having vanilla, coconut and almond-like qualities.





Koskenkorva Viina (Finland)

Perhaps the most famous vodka in Finland, Koskenkorva Viina is recognized by Finnish people as a pride and symbol of Finnishness. Produced by Altia, a Finnish state-owned corporation, which produces and imports alcoholic drinks, Koskenkorva Viina is made by distilling grain with 200-step continuous distillation which is able to generate high-purity ethanol. And after diluted this alcohol with spring water and a very small amount of sugar, Koskenkorva Viina will be emerged.






Puschkin vodka (Germany)

Easily identified by means of its unique bottle design, Puschkin vodka is considered one of the most premium brands of vodka in Germany. Puschkin vodka was first produced in 1929, and during its long years, Puschkin vodka has offered various types of vodka such as plain vodka, as well as six additional flavored versions, each of which has their own innovative titles. Puschkin is currently manufactured and distributed by German drinks manufacturer Puschkin International.





Tito’s Vodka (USA)

Produced in Austin, Texas, Tito’s Vodka is renowned for being a famous American vodka brand which currently plays an important role in a worldwide vodka market. Created by Bert Butler, who is also known for his nickname as “Tito”, this American vodka is produced from yellow corn instead of the more common materials such as wheat and potatoes. This staple makes Tito’s Vodka contains mind flavor and sweet aftertaste.




Xellent Swiss Vodka (Switzerland)

Xellent Swiss Vodka is well known for drinkers around the world for its numerous awards and designations such as a Double Gold from the San Francisco Spirits Competition, a 96-100 rating from F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal and also rated top 10 of the top 110 spirits for 2005 by Pacult’s Spirit Journal. This excellent vodka is made of bread, rye and Titlis Glacier Water. Xellent Swiss Vodka is distributed to over 22 countries including the US.




Jean-Marc XO Vodka (France)

Renowned for being a leading brand of vodka in France, Jean-Marc XO Vodka is produced by a Frenchman, Jean-Marc Daucourt, who uses four French wheat grains including Ysengrain, Orvantis, Azteque, and Chargeur to create specific vodka’s flavors. This premium vodka comes with a long list of appellations such as 97 points by the US Beverage Testing Institute in 2007 and the best beverage by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences in 2005.






Horilka (Ukraine)

One of the most unique vodka, Horilka is claimed to be stronger and spicier than typical Russian vodka which is commonly found throughout the planet. This Ukrainian vodka is distilled from grain or potatoes, or sometime their peelings. The name “Horilka” is derived from the Ukrainian language which means whisky or other strong spirits. In Ukraine, eastern Slovakia and southern Poland, Horilka has played an important part in traditional weddings.



Reyka (Iceland)

Known as the only eco-friendly vodka on the planet, Reyka is not only the first vodka distilled in Iceland, but also the first vodka in the world which is blended with the water drawn from a 4,000 year-old lava field. The volcanic water which is brought to use in the process is so pure and contains valuable minerals, so treatment or demineralization is not needed. Reyka offers some nutrients through its Icelandic flavor.



Minskaya Kristall (Belarus)

As the fifth largest vodka-consuming country, Belarus has created its own finest vodka which is called “Minskaya Kristall”. This flagship vodka is distilled by Minsk Kristall, a leading vodka company which is renowned for being the oldest vodka producers in the former USSR, having been in operation since 1893. Minskaya Kristall is made from a blend of wheat and rye, and distilled 4 times to increase its aroma and flavour.

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