Vodka & Health

For centuries, vodka was consumed by people in almost every occasion. Its unique and incomparable flavor has attracted the alcoholics since it was first introduced hundred years ago. As we know, vodka was first used as medicine and later was adapted to consume as beverage. From medical studies, drinking vodka in appropriate amount is good for health, it gives several benefits to human body. However, over consumption of vodka can create undesirable effects. Then it is wise to learn about the benefits and risks of consuming vodka. This is the list of it.


  • Vodka is healing and remedial substance. With its ability,it does a way with the weak and tired. Take a shot of vodka as a nourished drink is abl to return life force more rapid than food.
  • Vodka plays an important role in numerous wars as an antiseptic, diuretic, antitoxin and sedative substance for solders’ surgeries.
  • Vodka is diluted alcohol which is widely used as disinfectant.
  • Vodka can decrease high fever used externally by rubbing onto patient’s body, chest, legs or upper back.
  • Drinking 30-50 grams of vodka every day, can help protect atherosclerosis and improve blood circulation.
  • Sometimes a little vodka can help to fall asleep easily.
  • In the winter people may consume alcohol to stay warm.


  • Over consumption results in abnormal liver function.
  • Over consumption rises in estrogen level which may obstruct sperm development and hormone levels. Alcohol is able to damage sperm producing cells in the testicles.
  • Over consumption causes muscle weakness, deterioration and depression of the central nervous system.
  • Over consumption increases the chance of Gastric Cancer.
  • Some studies claim that over consumption of vodka causes lung cancer cell.